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As an entrepreneur, mindfulness + resilience trainer, and author, I take my collective experiences, training and proven techniques to demystify and understand the basics of mindfulness, resilience, meditation, and transformation.  You will see these as tools that aren’t a waste of time, or simply life hacks to be more productive (which they absolutely are), but designed to help you finally get off the roller coaster of feeling overwhelmed and consumed by stress.  I bring a modern-day perspective that doesn’t require a crisis to create change, but rather curiosity, open-heartedness, connection and the desire to create a better life now, not just when life gets turned upside down. Oh, and BONUS, it sure makes us better equipped in the likelihood that a crisis does hit or when life just likes to throw those curve balls. With just a little bit of willingness, you will be on your way to living an empowered and confident life in the present so you can have more calm, creativity, connection, clarity, and start living the life you want now.  Below are some of the ways we can work together. 

Workplace Mindfulness Training

Workplace mindfulness leads to healthier employees, better communication, less absenteeism, and more creativity. We will demystify the myths and incorporate mindfulness into your organization in tangible and accessible ways that fits your culture and enhances team dynamics.

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“The tools and practical experience Paige provided our employees has carried over into their work and personal lives. They report being calmer, having clearer thinking and being more focused to do their job. Paige made it accessible and her passion was contagious. This was one of our most popular wellness programs we’ve ever offered and the success is attributed to having Paige as their kind and caring leader.”

Gina Akin, Wellness Coordinator, Austin Community College

Pebbl 5-Day Starter

Just getting started in your mindfulness journey? This free self-paced program from sister company Pebbl, is designed to empower you to feel more present in your life and be more efficient with the time you have.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you want to build a meditation practice or looking to apply a transformational perspective to a challenge in your life or business, coaching helps you become more present, patient and productive. We will discuss your specific needs and design a plan of action together.

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“I had meditated prior to meeting with Paige, however my practice was informal, inconsistent and ineffective. During my meetings with Paige I was able to learn techniques that enabled me to make large gains in my focus and concentration. I was able to gain confidence in my practice that made me more consistent and as a result, my overall sense of well being has greatly increased.”

David Ewing, CEO and Founder, San Francisco Consulting Group

Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting

Launching a new idea or looking for guidance on marketing initiatives? I’ll help you get started by guiding you through the process of creating tangible action steps that feel authentic and doable.

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