I’m not sure about you, but I think the adrenaline surrounding preparation last week has officially met the reality of acceptance this week which admittedly feels pretty unsettling. And, it made me a lil’ curious about perspective.

What if this experience wasn’t happening to us but for us? What if the fear, angst and uncertainty were catalysts to feel more love, presence, and grace?  What if the fact that we are forced inside means that for the first time we actually go inside – to our hearts and souls? What if we acknowledge that adversity is the great equalizer and a reminder that we are more resilient in body, mind, and spirit than we could ever imagine? What if we witnessed that resilience even now, seeing how just two weeks ago, we never would have imagined this as our reality (and that you could homeschool), yet here we are? What if we let the gratitude we feel for our health care workers, grocery store clerks, and everyone on the front lines be our guiding force?

What if we discover an inner strength, knowingness, and light inside that never wavers regardless of external circumstances? What if after distracting ourselves, we sit with ourselves and let ourselves be messy? What if we let ourselves grieve, cry, and emote like never before? What if we let ourselves feel the tremendous sorrow for so many lives lost? What if we recognize that emotions are literally energy in motion that can be transmuted? What if this transmutation creates more space in our bodies that allow us to be more responsive via our hearts vs. reactive via our minds? What if our loneliness reminds us of the need for connection? What if we actually seek support when it feels to much? What if we recognize that we don’t know where to seek support and let that be the first step (see resources below)? What if we give where we can and receive in ways we don’t even know how?

What if we embrace that while we don’t know the timing, we know we will be on the other side of this? What if we consider who we want to be when that happens? What if we knew we could be more patient, mindful, and kind? What if we learned how to cultivate connection, compassion and care? What if in all of this frustration and uncertainty we befriended the moments of acceptance and surrender? What if in this surrender we discovered a deeper connection to  love, light, Source, nature, and should you believe G-d?  What if we look to history to remind us of our collective resilience? What if this timing of spring, Easter, and Passover is a collective a call to witness our own blossoming, resurrection, and freedom?

What if we were ok with not knowing when this ends, where it will lead us, or why it is all happening? What if we anchor the moments of laughter, joy, and creativity (however fleeting) as they arise as a reminder of possibility ahead? What if we know that it will be hard on the other side, but we will be ok? What if we remember that every day the sun rises and sets, and the light always finds her way? What if when we finally come out of our houses to connect with one another again, we see each other in our whole-hearted light, perhaps for the first time? I honestly don’t know. But, what if?

I love you all. We are all in this together. Stay hydrated. Move your bodies. Love yourself and others (even if its via zoom). And be so kind to yourself. And as Elizabeth Gilbert advises, make your bed, get dressed, and get that scrunchy out of your hair:-)

ps. Some resources I’ve found helpful + empowering

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash