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Intention: Gentleness

Our intention is gentleness – treating yourself and others with care and attention. You can introduce this intention at the beginning of your meditation and throughout your day when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Let’s get started.

Daily Tip: It’s OK To Have Thoughts

That’s right – it’s ok to have thoughts.  It is the nature of the mind is to think, just as the nature of your eye is to see. Many people think meditation is about “clearing” our mind and while ultimately, that may happen, it’s not because you close your eyes and magically stop thinking. Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of having a thought, and then gently and without judgment, coming back to a point of focus (breath, body awareness, mantra). In other words, it’s totally normal to think about what you are going to have for lunch, or an email you need to send. Just become aware of having the thought and gently, without judgment come back to the point of focus. Each time we return our attention to the point of focus, it’s like a pushup for our brain and serves as daily exercise to be more present in our lives. You’ll find that as you do this, you can access more and more subtle levels of thinking and eventually you’ll experience the silence that underlies the thoughts. 

Location: Bedroom

Let’s explore some spaces in your bedroom. Here are a few options:

  • Bed: I like to call this my “beditation”:-) Simply prop yourself up in bed, so your spine is upright. It is likely that you might prefer to lie down. In most cases if you are lying down you will fall asleep. Falling asleep is fine and just a sign that you need more sleep. However, sitting upright will help you experience the full benefits of our meditation today.  
  • Closet: Find a space in your closet where you can sit. Grab a pillow or cushion and let your back rest up against the wall.  

If you like either of these, make sure to track them in your meditation tracker “I’LL TAKE IT”  box! 

If neither of these seems comfortable to you after you have tried, you can make a note on your meditation tracker  and we will explore some new spots tomorrow.

Time Of Day: Morning

  • Morning: This is an ideal time to practice meditation because it can kick your day off with a sense of grounding and clarity. Not to mention that it’s done! So give it a try. Upon first waking up (after you go to the bathroom), choose one of the locales above and practice the 5-minute meditation below. 
  • Mid-morning: If you already know that first thing won’t work for you, try to explore a time between 8-10 (once the morning hustle of kids, pets, and partners is over, and you are ready to begin your day). 

Daily Meditation: Breath Awareness (5 minutes)

Our focus for today’s practice will be breath awareness. The simple act of breathing in and out of our nose accesses the parasympathetic nervous system, which automatically calms and relaxes us. Paying attention to our breath is a simple way to connect to your present moment and become more self-aware and more mindful. The best part? You can practice breath awareness anywhere – while driving, waiting in line at grocery store, or even in a stressful meeting. Take note if you find yourself practicing this meditation at other points in the day.

*Listening note: these meditations are provided by hellopaigedavis.com sister website Soul Sparks. If listening on computer, simply press play. If listening on mobile device, click on the “listen in browser” for simplest listening experience.

Bonus: 10, 15, 20 minute options

Continue to grow your practice by adding time through these bonus meditations. The goal is to build up to twenty minutes daily, but try not to jump ahead until you’ve mastered five minutes consistently. It’s okay to take it slow. Remember, we are building our mindfulness muscle. Pacing and consistency is key.

10 Minute Breath Awareness

15 Minute Breath Awareness

20 Minute Breath Awareness

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