Hello friends. Happy New Year! I know it’s been awhile since writing. As 2018 came to a close, I found myself reflecting on all the changes and new opportunities that the year brought. My book launch, new clients + projects, shifting relationships and some unexpected circumstances, collectively created a ripple of open-heartedness that left me feeling both grateful, but also a little pooped:-) 
So I’ve been tapping into my toolkit of nourishing practices with extra doses of quiet/meditation time, baking bread/challah (my new favorite mindfulness practice), connecting with people (and pets) I love, taking a break from social media, and Mary Kondoing the crap out of my house. This has created space for any old, sad and stagnant energy no longer necessary for my growth to gently transmute to the charm, joy and grace that feels in delightful alignment with my body, mind and spirit as 2019 kicks off.
And with this energy, I feel fortunate to work and share my workplace mindfulness offerings with current and past clients including: Facebook, Maxwell, Locke & Ritter CPA Firm, Texas Department of Transportation, Whole Foods Market, Culturati Summit, and many more.
This work truly feels full circle for me. Starting in my 20s, I worked in San Francisco during the first dotcom boom where I led an employee group focused on bringing wellness tools to a quickly growing start-up. This led to the not so logical step to opening a pilates studio in Texas where I had the opportunity to cultivate a true wellness community with my business partners at Pilates360. And then of course, to being co-founder of one of the first social impact brands and B Corporations in Austin with BlueAvocado. Empowering myself and others with awareness and wellbeing as key tools for transformation has always been a core part of who I am.


I love working with business leaders to develop programming where mindfulness can be both a tangible tool for managing stress, increasing focus, boosting productivity and enhancing creativity, as well as a way to amplify a company’s culture, vision, and values.      

As I continue to evolve my workplace offerings, I’m excited to announce a new series of “Talks” including: Boosting Resilience, Cultivating Intention, Mindfully Managing Stress, Being A Mindful Entrepreneur and Mindfulness+Meditation Basics.  I’d love the opportunity to share any of these or customize a program that supports your goals and objectives.     

Are you curious as to how mindfulness would work in your workplace but a little skeptical? Great – I welcome some healthy skepticism. Let’s connect and identify the best approach. Or better yet, invite me to your organization to present, “For Skeptics: Making Mindfulness In The Workplace Work.”      

As always, I feel so grateful for your ongoing support. I’m excited to explore and share the many tools available to cultivate our collective mindfulness and wellbeing with delightful alignment in 2019! Check out all my workplace programming here