Meditations For Managing Holiday Stress

If you are seeking some mindfulness support through the holidays, I’ve gathered four of my go-to guided meditations to manage holiday stress. Available in 5, 10, 12, and 15 minute options, you will find a meditation to mindfully meet the various flavors of holiday stress. Wishing you the most delightful holiday season. Remember to be kind to yourself and try to be present – it’s the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

Heart-Centered Breath (5 Minutes)  

Ideal for those moments when you are feeling especially annoyed, irritated, and frustrated with yourself and/or others. When you pay attention to your heartbeat or the area behind your breastbone, you enliven its qualities of compassion, gratitude and inclusiveness.

Breath Awareness (10 Minutes)

Ideal for those moments when we feel overwhelmed with plans, activities, and delicacies and you just need to step away from the eggnog:-) The simple act of breathing in and out of our nose accesses the parasympathetic nervous system, which automatically calms and relaxes us so we can be less reactive and more responsive.

Compassion Practice (12 Minutes)

Ideal for those moments when family dynamics have reached their peak. The Loving Kindness Meditation is a simple, heart-centered meditation technique with roots in Buddhism, sometimes called Metta. Practiced around the world, Metta cultivates compassion for one’s self and others. Compassion is the natural state of the heart and mind, which is motivated by cherishing other living beings and wishes to release them from their suffering. In this meditation practice, you gather your attention to focus on a specific compassionate phrase that you repeat silently.

Silence Practice (15 Minutes)

Ideal for those moments when everyone around you needs something from you and you just need some alone time. Enjoy 15 minutes of quietude with this guided track which includes gentle background music and an opening and closing bell.