I’m so excited to share a recent conversation I had with Katie Hess of the FlowerLounge Podcast. Katie is the founder and creator of LOTUSWEI products, a selection of flower elixirs designed to be supportive tools of transformation to help dissolve stress, sleep more soundly, and ultimately provide alignment for our overall well-being. These products are a staple in my transformation toolkit. My conversation with Katie was so meaningful, particularly because it was recorded just a week before my 6 year cancerversary, so I was feeling especially vulnerable and emotive:-) Katie’s gracious spirit inspired so many precious moments where we dive into a variety of topics including crisis as an opportunity to soften into hearts and the many paths we can take on our healing journeys. I’m really proud (and a little nervous) to share this podcast with you as I express perspectives that I’ve never articulated before. Check out the podcast here along with the amazing assortment of products available on the LOTUSWEI website. And be sure and follow on Instagram where we are doing a join giveaway of HERE WE GROW and LOTUSWEI products.  Thanks for listening!