Hello friends. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Here We Grow blossomed into the world.

While experiencing my cancer journey provided one level of awakening, sharing the book continues to provide a level of vulnerability, catharsis, and healing that has stretched me in ways I never knew possible. It hasn’t always been comfortable, but I’ve experienced such pride and joy connecting with so many people and hearing your own stories awakening and transformation. Thank you for inspiring me to continue integrating with my “still small voice” in such embodied ways. 

When I wrote my book, I honestly didn’t have specific goals in mind.  I just knew it needed to be written as key to my ongoing healing journey.  I’m so humbled to know that it has served as a catalyst to invite new perspectives on spirituality, growth, transformation and awakening.  Mindfulness and meditation are a natural foundation to this and I feel so grateful to have been able to share that with so many new people this year including readers, people I’ve worked with at various companies, classes, and of course fellow cancer survivors/thrivers.

Thank you to my publisher She Writes Press, publicist Booksparks, editor Bridget Boland, and to the many media outlets, venues and organizations including BookPeople, Magic City Books, The Den Meditation, Be Well Austin, The Meditation BarweSpark, Hope Connections, Relay For Life, Celebrating the Art of Healing, and so many others that invited me to share Here We Grow

And a special thank you to each of you. I’m so touched by your ongoing support over this past year and I look forward to continuing to plant new seeds of growth, transformation, and awakening together, however that unfolds. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

ps. I’m celebrating this year anniversary with a special bulk promotion.  If you have an event, book club, or just want to stock up on some signed copies of Here We Grow books as gifts, I’d love to offer you wholesale pricing ($8 per book) available for quantities of 10 or more (plus shipping).  Simply contact me if interested and we can sort out all the details. 

pps. If you feel inspired, I continue to welcome reviews on Amazon (simply click on the starred reviews on the product page which will take you to new page where you will see “write a review” on the left side of that reviews page).