Welcome To Your Gateway To Presence Library

Hello! Thank you for joining the Gateway To Presence online program. The number one requirement for starting any new practice is willingness, so thank you for arriving here in this moment and for making presence a priority in your life.  I am excited to share this journey with you!

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As you can see, the library is listed by days and featured technique. Be sure and download your meditation tracker and check out the tips to get started. Simply click on the images below to access your intention, tip, recommended time/location, and featured technique. I recommend the following steps to get the most out of this program:

  1. Set the pace that works for you. Start by doing each day so you can begin to hone in on what resonates. Whether that is five consecutive days or doing one technique over the course of five weeks, do what feels doable remembering consistency is key. If you skip a day, don’t worry. Just begin again where you left off.
  2. Grow your practice. Once you have completed all five days/techniques, you can continue to grow your practice by adding time through these bonus meditations of the techniques that resonate for you. The goal is to build up to twenty minutes daily, but try not to jump ahead until you’ve mastered five minutes consistently. It’s okay to slowly build.

Please email me with any questions, insights about your experience, or if you are experiencing questions any technical difficulties. You can also post any questions you have on my facebook page. Here we grow!