Fall Meditation Guide 2017With Halloween just days away, the increased pacing of the holidays is quickly approaching. This is an ideal time to “fall” into some meditation and mindfulness practices so we can be more present, calm, and grateful when the holidays officially kickoff in less than a month with Thanksgiving.

As I always like to share, I’m convinced, it was the nine months of daily practice leading up to my cancer diagnosis that allowed me to stay focused, present and connected to myself and others as I navigated such unchartered waters in such a meaningful way. Meditation became my home base when so much was out of my control.

For me, this is the true gift of meditation, that it shows up for us in the times we never knew we needed it (and of course the times we KNOW we need it, like now:-). Luckily, there are some awesome and accessible resources available. Below are my top picks including Soul Sparks programming that hopefully will inspire you to invite  mindfulness and meditation into your life now and ultimately into the holiday season.

1. Oprah and Deepak FREE 21-Day Meditation Experience: Starting on October 30, the theme is Making Every Moment Matter. I always get a little giddy when this kicks off, because this 21-Day Experience and the fact that I’m a total Oprah superfan is what initially got me on the road to a meditation practice that worked for me. And who doesn’t want to spend the next 21 days with Oprah and Deepak?  I highly recommend. Sign up today.

2. Davidji: I’m so grateful for Davidji. He was my first official meditation teacher at The Chopra Center. His laid back nature is approachable, wise, inspiring and he has the most soothing voice. You can sign up for free meditations on his website, check him out on Insight Timer below, or purchase his album 40 Days of Transformation. It is one of my favorites.

3. Insight Timer App:  This is a great resource that has both a timer feature and many guided meditations. This can be overwhelming at first, but once you are aware of which techniques and teachers you are drawn to, you can search by those (breath, body, heart). You also find yours truly on there for some quick five minute meditations on the go. Check out some of my other favorite apps here.

4. Let’s Meditate Together: I’d love to support you in cultivating a practice just in time for the holidays. Take part in my Soul Sparks “Learn To Meditate” virtual course for an automated experience where I’ll be guiding you for five days with tips, guided meditations, and recommended locations. I also have a few spots available for 1:1 Mindfulness Mentoring either through my Deluxe Jump Start program or we can customize a program that works for you. Just contact me and we can discuss the best programming option for you. And of course, you can always take part in my favorite freebie meditations.