Workplace Mindfulness and Meditation Training

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According to the American Institute for Stress, the cost of stress in the American workplace is estimated at almost $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, lower productivity, turnover, and rising health care costs. But that is quickly changing as more companies are incorporating mediation and mindfulness into their organizations.

A white paper produced by UNC Kenan-Flager Business School highlighted studies by the National Institute of Health UK, the University of Massachusetts, and the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University that continues to validate the benefits that mindfulness in the workplace can provide, including:

Employee Benefits:

  • Increase focus and productivity
  • Boost creative problem solving in high demand situations
  • Reduce Stress
  • Enhance Communication

Company Benefits:

  • Reduce sick days
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduce health care costs


The Power of Pause: Shifting from Busyness to Presence
In a world of uncertainty and overwhelm, the importance of taking pause seems obvious. But how do we shift from our busy “doing” to  consistent “being” with peace, presence and still be productive?  In this talk, we embrace the importance of understanding the “Panicked Pause” as a mindful catalyst leading to the “Peaceful Pause” where ease, connection and clarity become our new normal.

Mindful Resilience
Inspired by Paige’s book,  Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond, a story of meeting fear and uncertainty with mindfulness, meaning, and the unconditional love inherent in us all.  This talk provides tangible lessons learned and tools that help  integrate the mind, body, spirit and discover the unexpected awakening of intuition, open-heartedness, and compassion in the healing journey, followed by a guided meditation.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
This 45 minute-1 hour talk is designed to provide an understanding of the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation and guide your team through practices and helpful pearls of brain science designed to reduce stress and enhance well-being at work. Specifics topics include:

  • Benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • Demystify myths around mindfulness and meditation
  • Explain how mindfulness can help to better cope with stress
  • Guided meditation

Mindfully Managing Stress 

Gain a deeper understanding into the brain science of stress and how mindfulness and meditation can be helpful. Specific topics include:

  • Why we get stressed
  • Physical indicators of fight or flight
  • Tangible stress management practices
  • Guided meditation

Cultivating Intention 

This one hour talk provides a personal perspective that will provide a new lens to view intention.  Specific topics addressed include:

  • What is intention
  • Steps to cultivating intention
  • Guided meditation

Tips To Being A Mindful Entrepreneur 

This one hour talks provides six guidelines for being a mindful entrepreneur and tangible practices to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Relevant for solo-entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs, and anyone feeling overwhelmed with the demands of cultivating a new and innovative project, product, or offering.

For Skeptics: Making Mindfulness In The Workplace Work 

This one hour talks provides an overview of what mindfulness is, what it isn’t, and why it matters in the workplace. Case studies about individual and corporate benefits will be shared along with tangible steps to consider when bringing mindfulness into the workplace.


Introduction to Mindfulness Series

A weekly program that is designed to provide an understanding of the fundamentals of mindfulness and guide your team through mindfulness practices and helpful pearls of brain science designed to reduce stress and enhance well-being at work. We will cover topics relevant to workplace dynamics and how mindfulness can support including:

  • Wellbeing and Calm
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Productivity and Communication

Executive Mindfulness Coaching

A weekly program that meets for one hour and provides an opportunity to work 1:1 with Paige. Sessions will guide team leaders through a series of customized exercises designed to deepen each participant’s individual practice and to address specific work challenges.

Company Retreat/Team Building
A customized program designed to align with the big picture goals you are looking to achieve and providing guided mindfulness practices to amplify the individual and collective team effort.

Monthly Mindfulness Retainer with Digital Support
Paige will meet with members of your team on a weekly basis to ensure consistency, accountability, and further deepening of mindfulness and meditation practices to benefit your workplace. Online digital support can be provided which includes guided meditations and daily tips that will support your team in sustaining mindfulness on a daily basis.

Contact me to schedule a complementary 20 minute session to discuss your goals and objectives and how best to implement meditation + mindfulness programs into your organization.

Success Stories

“Partnering with Paige during Mental Health awareness month provided our team a comprehensive set of tools to explore to address their emotional wellbeing.” Lauren Collins, People & Culture Operations Supervisor, Aceable

“Paige provided a thorough explanation of various techniques which was so helpful and then taking us through an actual practice made the experience very digestible which is important when we think about how to share realistic and bite sized wellness practices with our employees if we really want to support them in creative, useful, and meaningful ways.”  Michelle Miron, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lifeworks

“This programming has been a lifeline during a very stressful time. Our high-touch teams have been suffering the effects of compassion fatigue. It’s been extremely valuable for them to have time set aside for self-care and resources to refer back to for on-going support.”  HR Professional, Higher Education

Paige Davis demystified mindfulness and mediation for our employees at the Texas Department of Transportation. She led an engaging, down to earth training series that helped our employees lower their stress, increase their focus and boost their on the job performance. Employees reported a significant increase in their confidence to practice mindfulness and meditation. Over 93%  strongly agreed or agreed that the training met their expectations, 92% rated the program as good to excellent and 96% said Paige was an effective or very effective speaker. The affects were far reaching with one employee reporting, “The program was excellent and goes beyond improving oneself for work. It helps improve relationships, family life, and when shared with others, impacts others. It’s a ripple effect of goodness!” Gina Akin, Wellness Program Administrator, Texas Department of Transportation

“Hearing Paige’s story and journey created an immediate connection with the team. She presented the material in a casual, yet insightful and thoughtful way, which was the right tone for the audience. Her flexibility and collaboration made it all happen seamlessly. During the rest of the day…many anecdotes and themes from her session came up again, and look forward to future sessions.” Jason Dailey, Agency Partner Manager, Facebook

“I first engaged with Paige individually based on curiosity with some previous experiences I’d had but never quite grasped. After her introduction with mindfulness, it opened the door that has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. I had to share this with our Team and Paige joined us for an off-site day. The Team experienced a similar impact and we now start our days with 15 minute mindfulness sessions each day. With multi-tasking, deadlines, the details and just navigating the realities of a hectic day, Paige’s empowered us with the awareness and has enabled us with better focus, a stress free state of mind and the invaluable ability to truly ‘be in the moment’.” D.L. Stone, Director, Rockford

“As a first time offering in our wellness program, I wasn’t sure how our employees would respond to meditation but Paige made them feel comfortable, made it accessible and her passion was contagious. The tools and practical experience Paige provided our employees has carried over into their work and personal lives. They report being calmer, having clearer thinking and being more focused to do their job. Paige gave our employees a safe place to practice and establish a lifelong habit. This was one of our most popular wellness programs we’ve ever offered and the success is attributed to having Paige as their kind and caring leader.” Gina Akin, Former Employee Wellness Coordinator, Austin Community College

“The entrepreneurial journey is full of intense pressure, steep expectations and unforgiving deadlines. It never feels like there is enough time in the day. We invited Paige to Galvanize to help our startups relax, ground and clear their minds. Her intro to meditation and mindfulness course was filled with actionable tips to be more present in work and life. The group was amazed to learn that even a mere 5 minutes a day is scientifically proven to make a difference in peace of mind. After our one guided meditation the group reported an increase in thoughtful decision making and a desire to communicate more kindly.” Jessica Cox, Membership Development Manager at Galvanize Inc

“As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, my day always kicked off with a sweep of the in-box even before I’d gotten out of bed for my first cup of coffee. My pattern was go-go-go…and although the frenzy of energy has fueled me in the past, I had been feeling a loss in the internal connection and personal lift that I once used to have through what I called Quietude. Working with Paige provided a great source of the internal fuel that I had been missing for my day. Paige’s approach to guidance was nonjudgmental, realistic, kind, caring, and provided an practice for 10-minutes of priority mindfulness in my morning. This exercise has made a huge difference for me as a women, friend, wife, mother, consultant, and more. I’m grateful for Soul Sparks and the ease of the programming to build important practices again in my life for energy and mental rejuvenation.” Maggie Miller, Founder, Digital Union

“I had meditated prior to meeting with Paige, however my practice was informal, inconsistent and ineffective. During my meetings with Paige I was able to learn techniques that enabled me to make large gains in my focus and concentration. I was able to gain confidence in my practice that made me more consistent and as a result, my overall sense of well being has greatly increased.” David Ewing, CEO and Founder, San Francisco Consulting Group

“Paige co-facilitated Wake Up’s inaugural workshop and expertly guided participants through meditation and mindfulness exercises. She has a unique ability to hold a room with strength while also encouraging a gentle, centering energy. She added so much to the Wake Up experience and received rave reviews from our attendees.” Chelsea McCullough, Co-Founder, Wake Up

“I started working with Paige to learn tools that would enable me to face hectic and often challenging days with a greater balance and ability to focus on one issue at a time. The outcome of the work however has been much greater. I find I am able to engage more fully with clients and staff. I am able to disconnect when I come home and my work doesn’t follow. I did not realize this would be such a transformative experience.” Monique Maley, President, Articulate Persuasions