7 Tips To Boost Sleep Hygiene

Hello friends. I hope everyone is taking good care of yourselves.  Like so many of us, my screen time has increased significantly. I love the opportunity to connect with clients, family and friends via Zoom, but there is no denying a different quality of our online reactions that can simply feel exhausting and frankly a [...]

Join me at the LOTUSWEI FlowerLounge Podcast!

I'm so excited to share a recent conversation I had with Katie Hess of the FlowerLounge Podcast. Katie is the founder and creator of LOTUSWEI products, a selection of flower elixirs designed to be supportive tools of transformation to help dissolve stress, sleep more soundly, and ultimately provide alignment for our overall well-being. These [...]

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Cancer Organization Resources

Being able to connect with so many people via Here We Grow and hearing your own stories of resilience and growth is both humbling and inspiring. This continues to provide a level of joy, connection and and grace that has literally been one of the highlights of this entire publishing experience. Another unexpected highlight is [...]

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