Welcome To Soul Sparks Collective

Hello friends. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. While it seems odd to be launching something during these unimaginable times, I'm so proud to invite you to Soul Sparks® Collective – a gathering place for family. A safe haven for friends. A launching pad for seekers of peace – of all ages. Lovingly envisioned [...]

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What If? (plus some empowering resources)

I'm not sure about you, but I think the adrenaline surrounding preparation last week has officially met the reality of acceptance this week which admittedly feels pretty unsettling. And, it made me a lil' curious about perspective. What if this experience wasn't happening to us but for us? What if the fear, angst and [...]

Summer Travel Tips

As summer travel kicks into high gear, it can be an easy excuse to put our meditation and self-care practices on hold. But I've found it even more important to stick to my practice which can be helpful with reducing jet lag and staying calm during unexpected travel delays. A couple of years ago I wrote "4 Tips for Maintaining [...]

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