Being able to connect with so many people via Here We Grow and hearing your own stories of resilience and growth is both humbling and inspiring. This continues to provide a level of joy, connection and and grace that has literally been one of the highlights of this entire publishing experience.

Another unexpected highlight is the opportunity to learn about so many wonderful organizations providing a variety of services in supporting people on their cancer journey. While I was very fortunate to have the resources and support to truly experience wonderful care and explore so many integrative practices, it warms my heart to know that these organizations are out there supporting their communities in such tangible and inspiring ways. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches, I hope you will consider donating to one of these organizations and sharing them with friends and loved ones who may be in the midst of their own healing journey. And if you know of other organizations, please contact me so I can add them to the list.


  • Breast Cancer Resource Center – Dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of those touched by breast cancer.
  • Flatwater Foundation – Dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support.



Los Angeles

  • weSPARK – Offer free support groups, integrative therapies and educational programs designed to alleviate the physical and emotional side effects for all those who have been affected by cancer.


  • Oklahoma Project Woman –  Dedicated to providing access to breast health care that will facilitate the early diagnosis of breast cancer and decreasing the mortality rate for uninsured women with limited financial resources.

Washington, DC

  • Hope Connections – helping people with cancer and their loved ones deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer through participation in professionally facilitated programs of emotional support, education, wellness, and hope.

photo credit: Photo by Darren Coleshill on Unsplash