Summer Travel Tips

As summer travel kicks into high gear, it can be an easy excuse to put our meditation and self-care practices on hold. But I've found it even more important to stick to my practice which can be helpful with reducing jet lag and staying calm during unexpected travel delays. A couple of years ago I wrote "4 Tips for Maintaining [...]

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Busting Meditation Myths

Most people assume I started meditating when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The truth is, I've explored meditation and mindfulness practices my entire life, but never with consistency. My real entrée to a formal meditation practice came nine months prior to my diagnosis. I was a stressed out entrepreneur on the verge of burnout. [...]

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Taking A Pit Stop With Our Intentions

Hello and Happy 2018! Like many people, I appreciate the freshness that a new year brings. Years ago, I decided to forego formal resolutions and chose words that I felt represented what I desired for the year ahead. Technically these words are like intentions, but from a more emotive and embodied space within myself. This [...]

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My Top Picks If You Are Looking For A Spiritual Fix

As you head into your holidays of family togetherness, festive soirees, and inevitable Netflix binge watching, I wanted to share a few of the movies, videos, books, and podcasts I'm loving right now in case you are in need of a spiritual + personal growth fix.  I recommend any of the following to watch, read, [...]

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